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Formerly known as Vanity, V2 Tokyo is one of the city's flashiest and most popular clubs, perched high above central Roppongi and offering rather nice panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline at night.

Two Rooms

Two Rooms, located in the heart of the upscale fashion district of Aoyama, is suspended high above so that it may offer a panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline.

The Office

The Office Elite Lounge, located in the entertainment district Roppongi and noted by its opulent interior, is a true gentlemen's club filled with Japanese and multinational dancers alike. The Office offers a wide variety of services for all occasions includes two stages and a VIP seating area in a truly upscale environment.


Tantra Tokyo Show Club, with a current #1 ranking on Tripadvisor, has consistently ranked high among the finest show clubs in the bumping nightlife of Roppongi.

Sushi Hasegawa

Sushi Hasegawa is an intimate kaiseki sushi restaurant where you can enjoy high-end sushi along with many delicate Japanese traditional dishes. They will prepare for you all kinds of seasonal delicacies, as well as Japanese cattle meat sushi and some vegetarian options too.

Sushi Asaba

Sushi Asaba is an intimate, Japanese ‘Edo-style’ restaurant with counter seats in Nishi-Azabu. The chef specializes in maturing or curing sushi ingredients.


Shirato specializes in innovative fusion cuisine. Every day they craft a multi-course French meal consisting of more than 20 dishes with ingredients that are carefully selected and purchased from all over Japan.

Seventh Heaven

If you desire a night out of exotic fun, excitement, and non-stop entertainment Seventh Heaven is the place for you. Finished in luxurious fine leather and decadent furnishings, it’s the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of fantastic girls.


This luxurious space has adopted the globally popular move towards a club lounge setting that allows for guests to truly enjoy their own adult playground that features world renowned DJs.

Ruby Jack’s

Ruby Jack's, located in the contemporary yet comfortable Ark Hills of Roppongi, has created a sense of unity by showcasing an open spaced interior and a large terrace that utilizes the raw materials of wood and iron to accentuate its warmth

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Tokyo offers a relaxed, luxurious setting for intimate encounters and a premium experience. Roppongi Red Dragon Tokyo is famous for its selection of beautiful and attractive hostesses from the Japanese adult entertainment industry.

R2 Supper Club

R2 Supper Club, although located in the ostentatious Roppongi, should not have its sophistication questioned. R2 Supper Club gives hints to a New York City quality with its smooth Jazz and fusion music over an elegant dinner and cocktail experience

Party On

Party On, located in entertainment hub Roppongi, club lounge more directed toward a younger generation looking to enjoy a strip club with elements of a new age club lounge.

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa Omotesando

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa Omotesando branch, located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Tokyo, offers a traditional tone through its wooden furnishings and delicate pottery as it slowly envelops you in its earthen interior.

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa Ginza

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa Ginza branch, located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Tokyo, offers a traditional tone through its wooden furnishings and delicate pottery as it slowly envelops you in its earthen interior

Mezzo Tokyo

Mezzo Tokyo, located in the heart of Roppongi, is the go-to intermediary bar that will set you up for the perfect night. With an open concept "woody and gold" standup bar on the first floor and a luxurious "marble and black" VIP lounge on the second floor, this is the place will be your launching pad for wherever you want to go.

Kifunosato Ryokan

Kifu no Sato is an authentic Japanese inn dating back four generations where you can experience the best each season has to offer and all five senses are engaged and enchanted.

Estado Roppongi

Estado Roppongi welcomes you as you are served a heart warming cuisine and surrounded by dazzling golden light amidst an elegant space.

Estado Ginza

Estado Ginza welcomes you as you are served a heartwarming cuisine and surrounded by dazzling golden light amidst an elegant space.


CÉ LA VI, a luxury dining, bar and club lounge complex spread across the 17th and 18th floors of the revamped Tokyo Plaza, opened on December 5 touting convenience and stunning views, a few steps from Shibuya’s Hachiko Exit.

Burlesque Tokyo

Burlesque Tokyo is located in Roppongi and is not any ordinary show club. If you come to Burlesque Tokyo, you should expect a large spectacle of lights, sexy dancing, and non-stop entertainment that will pump you up for the rest of the night.

Bar Hasegawa

Bar Hasegawa is located in the long-established shopping street from the Edo Period of Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Bar Hasegawa offers nightly, high-quality music performances in a classy and stylish environment.

Akasaka KOMA

Akasaka Koma provides a high end, traditional Japanese dining experience. With private rooms that can cater for up to 12 people. Guest can sample the finest Matsusaka Oisi Beef.


A-LIFE at Nishiazabu is a luxury international club with the highest quality of interior space and acoustic. The club consists of three floors. Each floor has unique characteristics allowing guests to enjoy the sense of strolling through the space.


Boasting a rotation of world-renowned DJs and surprise performances, a captivating interior and a stellar standard of service, 1 OAK provides a nightlife sensibility that caters to even the worldliest of partygoers.