VIP Clubbing Experience

The VIP Experience

At TEL we start by finding out exactly what your ideal party scene would be and whom you’ll share the experience with. Upon booking your table and bottle service for the very best nightclubs in Tokyo, we will share our recommendations to meet your expectations. As a TEL client, you will gain VIP  access to Tokyo’s most in-demand events and nightclubs.

TEL has over 15 years of experience in Tokyo bottle service, outweighing all other hosting companies in experiential services. When you engage with TEL you become an extension of our family of friends that have a pulse on the Tokyo club scene.

You’ll experience tier-one entrance, access, and client services while others wait in line or get bumped to a lower valued table. We assure you that your experience is always the upmost importance and we let all club personnel know it.

We receive first-class service from all the nightclubs simply because of the aggregate amount of business we continuously bring through our elite clientele.

Our “no-line” policy gains you access to the very best nightclubs. Our signature personal touch will be experienced from the moment we engage with your party. It all starts with a simple contract and deposit to secure your premium placement on the dates you request. No hidden fees and no surprises when you arrive!

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